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Rebels + Runaways, our new online community is live ❤️ JOIN TODAY!

Rebels + Runaways, our new online community is live ❤️ JOIN TODAY!

Jacob Wilson is a philosopher living the life of his dreams in the peaceful woods of the PNW with his soul mate. 

Meggan Wilson is a reader first and a writer second who believes books are magic and love conquers all. She’s also living the life of her dreams in the peaceful woods of the PNW with her soul mate.

We live an unusual life. That’s why we wrote A Creative Rebel’s Guide to Winning the Game of Life.

We don’t live like “normal” people. We are the people most others would probably consider “weird.” But because our life is wonderful and amazing, we thought we’d share some of our secrets because it turns out that being our kind of “weird” is also a codeword for being awesome.

So, who are we?

We are creative rebels.
We know that we are each our greatest creative project in this lifetime. Our imagination is the most awesome power we’ve been given, and we use it to create our extraordinary lives and our extraordinary selves.

We are totally health nuts. We are. Absolutely. One hundred percent. Our entire life revolves around health and happiness. We are extremely choosy about what we put in, on, and around our bodies. We believe objects in motion stay in motion, so we move every day. Our bodies are our temples, so we take care of them with love.

We work for ourselves. We don’t clock in or out. Our life includes our work and our work includes our life. We answer to no one except God.

We are financially free. We don’t believe in debt. Freedom has always been our guiding light and will always be. We are sovereign beings.

We educate ourselves. We know education doesn’t stop with traditional schooling, and we continuously learn new things. We understand that self-education is a unique source of power, and we double down on it because we love to learn, grow, and evolve. 

We are responsible for ourselves. Our health, safety, and life are our own responsibility. We make our own decisions and live with the consequences of them. No one else is responsible for us.

We dream big. We know that it is just as easy to dream big as it is to dream small, and we choose to dream so big that it would scare normal human beings.

We aspire to greatness. We know that the concern is not in setting our goals too high and not meeting them, but in setting them too low and reaching them. We desire excellence in all things. We aspire to greatness because we are capable of it, and we believe we will achieve it.

We dare greatly. We know that the world is filled with people who will never dare anything at all, but we aren’t those people. We came to shine brightly so that others know what is possible. In order to shine brightly, we dare greatly.

We seek truth. We know truth is love, and we seek it to improve our lives and the lives of others. We live for truth. We love truth.

We don’t care what other people think. We know the most important thing is how we think about ourselves, so we don’t waste time worrying about what other people think of us.

We love our life. We live an uncommon life because we are uncommon, and it is the most wonderful gift we’ve ever been given. We give thanks for our life and everything in it every day, all day long.

We live from the heart. We have lived for survival, achievement, and money. We have lived from a place of fear. Now we know there is no substitute for living from the heart. We feel our decisions in our hearts and our guts, and we listen to our intuition. It has never led us wrong.

We grow and evolve. We’re not the same people we used to be. We are constantly becoming new and greater versions of ourselves. We will always be growing and evolving into the next better iteration of ourselves until we achieve mastery.

We are unlimited. We know the only true limits in life we face are those we impose upon ourselves. We choose to be unlimited.

We choose love. We choose love over fear and hate, every moment of every day. We forgive and we bless. We learn and we grow. We choose love because that is what we truly are.